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Future of Franchising

The Future of Franchising

June 9, 2021
From the early days of the Singer Group (yes the sewing machine people) to the massive multinationals of McDonald's and Starbucks, franchising is more a part of our daily lives than we even know. The obvious ones are the food brands but think tyre companies, car servicing, fuel stations, educational support for children, even grocery stores – the list truly does go on and on...

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Business 2 Business Franchise

Benefits and drawbacks of a B2B franchise

May 12, 2021
As the world’s leading business coaching company, we’re constantly having to remind our clients, and then coach them accordingly, that a business is their chosen vehicle to serve them. A business should not be a trap where one ends up serving the business or becoming a slave to the business. The right business should support you, your dreams, your goals and your future aspirations...

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5 Ways To Increase Profits

May 3, 2021
Conventional business looks at sales from the standpoint of three variables, namely sales, expenses and profits defined by the formula: Sales - Expenses = Profits.
In this narrow approach, each variable depends on the other forcing businesses to look at either increasing sales or decreasing expenses in order to influence profitability...

Technology April Blog ActionCOACH Harry Welby-Cooke

AI and Coaching - Is technology disrupting coaching?

April 14, 2021
“The robots are coming and they’re going to take over our world!” We’ve hardly got to grips with the 4th Industrial Revolution and there’s already the 5th Industrial Revolution being bandied about.  People everywhere are trying to cope with, and understand, everything from the Internet of Things...

Business Owner Salary

ROI, Salary or


March 17, 2021
Sadly many entrepreneurs simply end up living out the till. When the till has more money in it, they live a little better and when the till has nothing … well you get the picture. When considering going into any business for yourself you should, actually no you MUST, focus on two critical elements....

Harry Welby-Cooke

Business with purpose for less than the price of a biltong shop

Feb 18, 2021
Before launching ActionCOACH Business Coaching in South Africa, on the 3rd of May 2007, I myself was a corporate refugee. After a long career in banking, I’d fortunately already broken free from the corporate shackles the previous year...

Life is not possible without business!

Jan 20, 2021

I know it’s quite a broad sweeping statement but think about it. We wouldn’t have food, clean water, communication, power, healthcare, or anything else if a business was not providing it....


What is Franchising?

Dec 4, 2020
There is a lot of information out there on franchising; yet most people still don’t really know what it’s all about. There are great examples, sadly some horror stories, well-known facts, reputable brands, fly-by-nights, perceptions, assumptions and it’s all enough to get one quite confused...

Is Entrepreneurship risky?

Entrepreneurship is risky, isn't it?

Nov 18, 2020
In our post-industrial world this was how most people grew up and how we were indoctrinated into what the world’s view of success and a good life looked like: Pay attention in class, Study hard to get good grades, Get a tertiary degree at a top university, Find a great job at a corporate company...

Business coaching with client

Day in the life of an ActionCOACH business coach

Oct 21, 2020
It’s easy to fall in love with what we do as Business Coaches. There are truly very few, if any, better businesses on the planet. We get to work with wonderful people in a positive, energetic and focused environment. We not only use our past business experience and ActionCOACH training but continuously learn, grow and develop further....

Business Coach at Meeting

What makes a great ActionCOACH business coach?

Sept 22, 2020
When engaging with new potential ActionCOACH candidates I’m often asked: ‘What are the requirements for becoming an ActionCOACH?”  The answer is always the same.  “It depends.”  It depends because the answer is less of a checklist, to tick-off, and more of a combination of the right factors...

Franchise Proposal

Do you think you're ready to expand through to a franchise model?

Aug 14, 2020
The franchise market is an attractive growth strategy for business owners. And while the local market is thriving with an estimated turnover of R587 billion, it’s no guarantee that it will be easy to succeed. That said, if you are thinking about expanding your...

Entrepreneur Mindset

The mindset of a successful entrepreneur

July 9, 2020
Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses and focus on all the “logical” issues required to be successful in business, such as a Business Plan, a good product or service, getting the right pricing strategy, attracting the right target market, setting up good...